When I was in Japan recently, I found a little toy Henry, filed it away with the others, and didn't think too much of him. Fast forward 7 months and I have just discovered that Henry is a real honest to goodness vacuum cleaner! (my wife and I saw one being used in a hotel we recently stayed at). Why have I not known about him until now? Why am I so obsessed about a mundane household appliance? Is it because I do the vacuuming at our house? (maybe) Is is because I work with cartoon imagery in my artwork? (probably)Could it be because from what I have read online about Henry, it sounds like he is the greatest performing little vacuum that there ever was? (YES!) Well, I have since ordered a Henry, and after it arrives and I give it a once around the house test run,(and after I hug it too) I will post what I think of Numatic Henry. (for anyone who cares....)

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