The thing I like most about having a blog is that from time to time I get to tell people about things that I like and people who are doing things that I like. Rick Bradford is one of those people. I Think I first started corresponding with Rick back in 1994 when he asked if he could review an issue of my first mini-comic "Boobytit" in his review zine, "Poopsheet". I was thrilled that someone cared, and I sent it off to him. Since then Rick has stopped doing his zine and concentrated on selling comics online. I've sold every mini-comic that I have ever done at Rick's online store. He is a true champion of comics. He and I haven't met over the last thirteen years, but if we ever do, I don't know how I would thank him for being one of the nicest people I have never met. Please check out his site and buy some comics. He has an amazing selection. Thanks Rick!
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    Tricia said...

    Boobytit! oh my. still have it somewhere in a box. I love to check in with your blog from time to time, the picture of you at 2007 MOCCA is priceless. Glad to see you well.