BLAB! show - Los Angeles 2008

The 4th annual BLAB! show
September 6th - September 27th, 2008
September 6th, 8:00-11:30 pm

(at Bergamot Station)
2525 Michigan Ave #T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Bob Flynn said...

Nice! Is this for the newest edition? I'm digging the image. Lots o layers.

Kevin Scalzo said...

Thanks Bob!
Yes, it's for the upcoming volume.
I'm not sure of the release date yet.
glad you like the work.

maura said...

hello Kevin - i really like these pieces you did for the BLAB! show. i'd really like to get one, but am not sure that i can swing it right now. anyway, they're very cool. i love the colors in them and the layering is great too. best to you. looking forward to seeing more! -m

Kevin Scalzo said...

Hi Maura,
Thanks for your comments. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I have a much grander show coming up in a month from now. over 30 pieces of all price ranges. I'll make an announcement on my blog soon. Thanks again,